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John Myers III, PE


    Narimasu High School, Tokyo, Japan, 1958

   B.S.  General Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, 1969

   B.S.  Mechanical Engineering, OSU, Corvallis, Oregon, 1970

   B.S.  Metallurgical Engineering, OSU, Corvallis, Oregon, 1971 (in Absentia)

Professional Experience

   Myers Mechanical & Metallurgical, Inc. (M3 ); President (9/78 - present)

   AFI Associates (1/93 - present)

   Accident and Failure Investigations, Inc. (AFI); Associate (7/78 - 12/92)

   Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, Fairbanks, Alaska (11/74 - 4/78)

    Project Engineer, Pipeline (11/74 - 9/75)

    Sr. Project Engineer, Pump Stations (10/75 - 4/78)

   Permaneer Corporation, Project Engineer, Dillard, Oregon (7/73 - 10/74)

   Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company (7/70 - 7/73)

   Omark Industries, Q.A. Engineer (6/69 - 10/69)

Military Experience 

   U. S. Army (2/63 - 4/68) Chief Warrant Officer, Helicopter Pilot, Aviation

    Maintenance Officer, Aviation Technical Manual Review Board, Aircraft Accident

    Investigation Board Member, Motor Officer

   Oregon Army National Guard (6/68 - 6/70) Aviation Maintenance Officer

Special Qualifications

   Registered Civil Engineer, California 1973, #C22404

   Registered Professional Engineer, Oregon 1974, #8195

   Registered Civil Engineer, Alaska 1978, #CE4460

   Commercial Pilot and instructor ASELS, Instruments, Helicopters

Professional Societies  

   American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Welding Society (AWC)

   Society of Automotive Engineers American Society for Metals

   National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

   National and Oregon Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE/OSPE)

Professional Recognition

   Phi Eta Sigma     Sigma Tau     Pi Tau Sigma     The Hamilton Award

Technical Qualifications

   Mr. Myers specializes in failure analysis and accident reconstruction.  He has a background in mechanical and metallurgical engineering, an interest in vehicles of all types, and considerable experience in the design and construction of large, thin-wall plate structures such as tanks, vessels, and pipelines.  He has conducted failure analyses of field welded tankage, piping, presses, pressure vessels, industrial and construction equipment, trucks, trailers, brake systems, welding, and fatigue failure of machinery and vehicles.  He has reconstructed over 2000 vehicle accidents involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, farm machinery and pedestrians.  He has investigated accidents involving airplanes, helicopters, construction equipment, industrial machinery and vehicles.  His analysis of accidents includes occupant kinematics and impact dynamics; the study of the motion of persons in vehicle accidents including the direction, duration and magnitude of force acting on the body. Mr. Myers has testified in over 400 civil and criminal cases in State and Federal Courts.

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